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for the fiscal year ending june 30, 2012. the attached report dated november 21,2012 rity relates to the collection and expenditure of developer fees. i would like to put out to the board, who i am sure -- what is significant about that is less about the $2 million more, but that it indicates to actually a very large degree that the construction and sort of economic life and soul of the city of san francisco is coming back. we're back to about what we were collecting when the economy began to tank in 2009. and in the heyday, i think we collected between $8-9 million. so i think the prognosis in terms of collections being up is a healthy one not just for the school district, but for the city at-large and for a point of reference, much of the monies that were spent last year were spent reconverting the horseman campus to continue to develop the former bryant campus for international high school. to redo the isa campus and to finish building the brand-new tech 21 career building at the john o'connell campus. so there is a lot of really exciting projects that this work has funded a
>> is seems that the first notification was november 7th, is that correct? >> she submitted on the 5th of november. >> 5th of november. the first resignation was november 5th? >> yes. >> and we're not hearing about revoking the resignation until late in november, is that correct? >> the 30th of november. >> the resignee sent out an email stating to staff that she resigned, is that correct? >> yes, she did. >> so when she put into motion wanting to revoke her resignation, she was actually past the timeframe of the parameters of when she could revoke? >> yes, she was. >> commissioner mendoza? >> i was wondering why we moved it from the 17th to the 30th? >> she submitted that and it was con [srao-epbts/] for us as well. con convenient for us as well and it's my understanding that the new teacher who was hired would not be available until the 1st of the month and asked her if she would stay until the end of the month and she submitted an extension of her time until the 30th of november. >> commissioner maufas? >> i guess you are not comfortable with this, but you
until the 30th of november. >> commissioner maufas? >> i guess you are not comfortable with this, but you have mentioned it and i will mention it as well. the discussion between the principal and miss olsen saying somebody is going to start on the 30th and she submitted a second resignation letter changing the date to the 30th. sounds like that is the reason. i am not going to project, but just guess on my own. and then on the 14th, miss olsen said you have an email asking the principal is it possible to be reinstated. is that correct? she submitted a second resignation letter to hr, changing the date to the 30th and that might have been after the cation conversation that you just mentioned and she asked the principal is it possible to be reinstated? >> she submitted the second resignation form on the 13th, requesting an effective date of 11/30, on the 13th. the day after that, the 14th, she remailed the principal and asked if it was possible to be reinstated. >> then on the 16th, she emailed the principal that she did not get a response? >> that she was talking to the union
november, straight toward california. it has sickened 10s of thousand, killed 18 children, and is being called the worst flu season in years. as one of the coldest storms of the winter moves in, outside more often might not be a bad idea. >> it's not the cold weather that's causing the weather to spread. but kids and adults are more likely to be indoors. that's where they mix, germs spread, we have more flu. >> reporter: a vicious circle and a perfect storm of cold and germs. but it's not too late to get a vaccination. >> reporter: the only people really up here are the owners of the new restaurant called the drive-in. and the front moved in very quickly. caltrans workers are on call to get the snow plows out in case they're needed tomorrow morning. >>> we told you about the life and death struggle after a man discovers a burglar inside his apartment. it turns out there's more to this story. these four people were behind a scheme to scare the man. only thing is, one of their partners in crime ended up getting stabbed to death. kristen was there last night at that apartment. >> reporter:
by flu and pneumonia, meaning we have an epidemic. since mid-november, the number of states reporting that flu had reached wide areas has grown week after week after week. it's widespread tonight. in 47 states. flu season started early, but here's the good news: it may be peaking early and here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: the c.d.c. says the number of states reporting high flu activity has dropped from 29 to 24. but in places like new york, the number of cases is still rising at montefiore medical center they're having trouble keeping up. >> this week we hit 371 patients in a 24-hour period. the days following they hit 394. much of it is flu-like illness. >> reporter: the current vaccine is 62% effective. that's about average. but it may be less effective in the elderly whose immune systems are less robust. >> i'm here for your flu shot. >> reporter: in the bronx, health officials are targeting seniors who account for 90% of all flu-related deaths. today nurse stacy rivera was giving flu shots to the elderly in their own homes. >> it makes it a little easier for the patient since i
happen november 10, 1335 days into the new sabbatical cycle. promoting homosexuals, which is wicked and evil, not only homosexuals, child molesters, all the unsaved. >> thank you very much. thank you. let's hear from the next speaker. >> i am not a cheerleader but i am on the football team. happy birthday to martin luther king. and also the 49ers, playin atlanta falcons. atlanta georgia is the new gay capital. what i would like to say also to the board of supervisors and all of you all is that i heard that the supervisor in district 8 talk about twin peaks. i still stay in the -- (indiscernible) the good thing about, we have two gay cities, for the super bowl. what i want to say to you, remember bare rust, harvey milk. bare ruston (sounds like) a black gay man. i believe the day would come when all of god's children, (indiscernible) (indiscernible) times have changed. i hope that you can get the gay pride (indiscernible) and these two supervisors. hopefully you can be there too. and speak on that date. thank you. >> thank you. >> any members of the public wish to speak in general pu
of the commission's regular meeting of november 26th, 2012. >> >> public comment. >> david pilpel on page 3 of the draft minutes under "public comment," is someone following with me sorry. bottom of page 3. under "public comment." mr. ng stated that he needed clarification, i believe needed would be better. on page 4, "public comment," towards the top, my comments stated that the term "qualification" should be included perhaps in the definition, not into. on the bottom of page 4, item 5, the closed session evaluation of director st. croix i believe that should also reference the brown act and sunshine ordinance provisions that permit such closed sessions. and there was one other -- one moment. well there was one another thing and darned if i can find it now. i will try to find it and communicate it to staff, but just minor typographical things. i did try to read the minutes. thank you. >> is there a motion to adopt the minutes as amended by mr. pilpel? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? hearing none, next item on the agenda is the executive director's repo
of a millionaire last november. new at noon, ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live with information that the prostitute giving information to two gang members about the mansion. >> reporter: all four defendants in this case will be appearing here in court on february 4th to enter a plea. the chronicle is reporting that the lone female defendant gave people associated with an oakland gang information that ultimately led to this home invasion and murder. 24-year-old raven dixon is behind bars. she also faces a gang enhancement. the chronicle is reports that she worked as a prostitute for kumar and passed along information about the mansion, including the lateout. coincidently, the oakland police chief said that is the same group involved in a gang war. the chronicle sources say shows people hatched a plan to invade the estate. the district attorney's office have charged three others with kumer's murder. his home was broken into last november while he and his wife were home. kumar's body was found inside but the police won't say how he was killed. the court had documents sealed because
property at 42 lapp hamm way. appealing the imposition of a penalty on november 13th, 2012tor construction work done would you tell us a permit. >> good evening. this is my first time to remodel the house. i hired a contractor. and i followed his instructions and i didn't know he didn't get a permit. right now i already got the building permit and i'm looking for the electricity and the plumbing contractors so i can get those two permits to fix the property. so i hope you can reduce the penalty for me so i can have more resources to work on though fix this problem. thank you. >> excuse me. did you say you are looking for a replacement contractor? >> yes. >> how are you going to do whether or not the new contractor is able to file the appropriate permits? >> i already asked for recommendations and they are still looking for the proper ones. i haven't gotten one yet, but pretty soon i'm going to have one. >> okay. thank you. >> thanks >> mr. duffy? . good evening commissioners. congratulations on the new appointments. >> thank you. >> on this case we received a complaint that --
. >>> colleagues we have board meeting minutes from october 23, november twired and could i a motion to approve those minutes. motion by campus and seconded by advocate lows and those minutes are approved. and if you could read our two parliament special order. >> the first item of business between the board of supervisors this week representing district will he and 11 the mayor may address the board initially for five minutes and the board will recognize the supervisor with their questions and the entire discussion may be exceed five minutes per supervisor, mr. mayor welcome back to the champ for your final questions see if you have any opening comments. >> thank you president chew supervisors we made it to the end of the year and this is the last question time for 2012 and it's been a great year, a lot of accomplishments and i want to thank each and every one of you for each of the valuable leadership that you have provided along the way. we have established groundwork and we have passed pension reform, business reform. we have established the housing trust fund and protected our hatch
. the dredging window for dredging closes on november 30th and they dredged up until the end, they had very complicated dredging sequence and their dredging contracts were not approved until the end of august so they're out there and removing sand right up until the end. when we realized we had this extra, about 2400 cubic yards yards of stand that needed to be removed, we applied for a permit and we were denied, there's herring, spawning in the area and dredging is very detrimental to their spawning and habitat during this time of the year, so there's a section of sand there that's left, but we have to come back next year anyway and we're already taking steps to try to get an early dredge approval and get our contract in place so they can come in as early as april, take out that sand as well as taking out any additional sand that accumulates between now and then for a long-term. . inger there's another piece to this where floating break water, once the floating break water is installed, that that will relieve some of the treasure from the sand coming in. is that -- >> we have modeling that
hours through the end of november/early december. a little more than 11,000 since we last spoke. the hours represent about 160-200 workers in the field on any given day across multiple shifts that we're running. and later in the report, there is a tally. that is over a thousand unique jobs during the transit center construction including utilities. so that is craft people, a thousand craft people having worked or touched this project as reported in the certified payroll system. the sc contractor made their milestone of 162 and actually completed 165 and is on track to finish on on-time. the excavation continues and the rains that we had a week or so ago slowed things down with a little mud at the bottom of the excavation, but it continues to move west to east and under fremont street is the next step. the access trestle was completed all the way to fremont street. so the contractors now have a construction roadway, so to speak all the way out to howard at the end of the west end of the project. the awss work continues on mission street. they were able to get an exemption fro
in and changes on his own on november seven, 2008 in a letter of determination conditioned 9d. condition 9d of the conditions of approval provides us specifically that the project sponsor and i shall quote "shall provide and maintain publicly accessible pedestrian paths" plural "from brood hood way to the areas stated" and i hope that all members know those sites are within park merced as indicated in the pedestrian access and public transportation drawing included in exhibit b. the zoning administrator modified that condition on november seven, 2008. substituting for it his own action stating that the pedestrian pathway -- singular -- shall be constructed to within 10 feet of the relevant property line. the 10-foot gap would permit some flexibility and alignment with any future pathway constructed on the neighboring property. the permission and the construction of the pathways -- plural -- for
media organization we are committed to this and in november we are celebrating american heritage indian month with special programs on our television channels including kqed and plus and world. many are provided by native american public television which is actually an organization that produces indian producers and countries with partnership with public television and radio, so it's a fantastic organization and they have shared a lot of unique programs with us. two highlights are racing the redses, a rare view into reservation life homeland, native americans in the armed forces. you will get to meet the four local heroes. that's the term we like to use and people in the community that wins a award that is very special and i think it's important to thank the city of san francisco for hosting this event. -- plawz. thank you. this is really quite a beautiful space and honor to be standing at the base of the stair case and this incredible rotunda and i want to thank the dancers and singers and drummers for sharing their heritage with us and just adds to this special event and be sur
-117 decided november 7, 2012. at that time the board voted"8btw iho 2-1-2 vice president fung dissented commissioner hurtado absent on the basis that there was no error or -- three out of four votes required to be overturn a modified action whenéd!elc"p% a vacancy exists letter ofy determination was upheld by law. the regarding the legal dwelling unit. my understanding commissioners hurtado and honda have reviewed the video there for this hearing and are >> that's correct. >> good evening. my name is alan sowle. we're here because extraordinarybb:z<éf";f circumstances exist and rehearing is needed to prevent injustice because new acheddgg:z"y different facts and circumstances have been discovered relevant to the hearing officer's determination on thiso p0ñ matter. you might remember, those of you that were here before, that this was a -- the originalv of noe valley. in 1988 a building permitted was issued to reduce this from( rv three units down to two units. and a notice of special restrictions were recorded but recor
and companion reports for the period january 1, 2012 through november 30, 2012, and for comparison purposes, the same period in 2011. you have the materials in your packet. i will not address the numbers for the monthly summaries of complaints or mediations, but i will talk about the adjudication of sustained complaints from november 1, 2012 through november 30, 2012. between november 1, 2012 and november 30, chief suhr, adjudicated five cases investigated by the occ and determined by me to have sustainable allegations. chief suffer made findings and imposed discipline as follows. negativneglect of duty for failo collect traffic duty. an inspector was discourteous and used profane language. the inspector was admonished. officer failed to investigate a crime and prepare an incident report. the officer was suspended. on -- discredit, an officer told complainant during a traffic stop if the complainant said one more word the officer would have the complainant's license revoked. the -- did not sustain a complaint. there was a significant period of time between when the complainant filed the com
department. just to note, the hearing that we had on this item was on november 7. the rehearing request was filed on our response would have been due on november 26, which is the same day that8& appellant received information from pg&e, at least that's what the records are dated so we did not receive the -- m0jpd until earlyb'( o0 1"ujttjt 4, after we had our ability to submit a response. first pg&e records are not evidence of a legality -- or of a legal unit. the appellantm.nív÷ has stated they bought the property in 1997. at the time they bought it, it was a four unit building. however i would note according to records they provided the4( -< fourth electric meter wasn't added untilu0 for each electric unit, would they argue they have four units on the property? i think that's an open question. again it's not evidenc%i í=Ñ of a legal unit. we go by the records of the building inspection. as stated inaj hearing we believe there was an error in the records. there was a cfc4#b!Ñbç issued to reduce the number of u
. but most impressed me was what she told us on november 20th. when everyone was ready to freak out at that moment, at that chicken little moment, when all the worry warts were out in full force she told us to stop worrying. she sent me this, holy cow, this is out of sink with what we were thinking. at the time. the s&p is at 1387. now it is at 1492. in short, brodin nailed a 100 point move. in two months what a great grab. look at that. she nailed that. i might be a charrist, but the charts don't have emotions. they aren't about the fiscal cliff. it is totally working this market. so i have to go back to the well. what can i tell you, we want to know what the queen thinks it could go next. take a look at this chart. the s&p said it would. and totally there after. she told us that the low was likely to be pivotal. as a key part of her methodology. these numbers are 23.6%. 38.2%. and 69.1%. it is erie and according to many technicians it is a crucial inte turning point and you apply the rish yos that i mentioned and there is always an important level for that security. the s&p was re
might remember it started to weaken last november. japanese government officials just released data for that month that showed that companies are investing in more equipment for thselves. it's machinery orders, a key economic indicator on corporate capital spending. officials say machinery orders in november rose for a second straight month. cabinet officials said on wednesday major machinery makers received over $8 billion worth of domestic orders in november 2012. now, that's up nearly 4% from the previous month in yen terms. the figure excludes orders in the volatile ship building and power plant sectors. orders from manufacturers grew by almost 4%. those from non-manufacturers also rose more than 6%. and let's now get a check on markets. first we're going to look at stocks. tokyo share prices are lower as investors are taking profits after four sessions of gains. the nikkei average at 10,757. that is a loss of 1.1% from tuesday's close. now, sources say market players are selling export-related issues as well as other overbought stocks as a pause in the yen's weak trend is weigh
you. >>> also on the hill today, it became official. president obama won the election back on november 6th. but it wasn't until today that a joint session of congress counted the electoral votes and confirmed the result. obama 332, mitt romney 206. our chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd is reporting tonight that the president is expected to nominate chuck hagel for defense secretary early next week after his return from vacation in hawaii. he also reports the white house knows it's going to have a confirmation fight on its hands if hagel gets the nod to replace leon panetta. hagel has strong supporters in the senate. there has also been strong opposition to him on both sides of the aisle. >>> the senior senator from idaho, mike crapo is losing his license for a year after pleading guilty today to a charge of drunk driving in virginia. two days the arrest two days before christmas surprised a lot of people because crapo is a mormon and had said he didn't drink. today he apologized, admitted he drank occasionally and said he had been drinking vodka and toni
on the heard this and approved it at your november 29 meeting. there are two new pieces of legislation introduced this week coming your way. first was introduced by supervisor ferrell and it would allow medical service in the sacramento neighborhood commercial district. it would permit a change of use from business or professional service to medical services on the first floor. also this week supervisor avalos introduced a rather large ordinance titled conversion, demolition and conformity of residential uses. this would revise the criteria for residential conversion and standardize definitions for these uses across various use districts, permit enlargement of dwelling units which are non-conforming as to density in the districts where these dwelling units are principally increase into the non-conforming elements of height bulk are required rear yards or setbacks. this would permit alterationses to non-conforming uses or non-conforming structures to comply with disability access requirements, or in order to provide the secure bicycle parking. lastly it would establish a strong presumpt
.2, a little weaker than 47.3 flash, 46.5 in november. it is nevertheless the high since march. perhaps some tentative signs emerging that the eurozone economy may have passed the worst of its downturn, although recovery still looks months away. the december services business expectations up 52.5. it was 52.6 in the flash to slightly weaker on that particular point. let's get immediate reaction to what this may mean. christine is with us for the first hour of the program today. chris, happy new year. happy new year to you. >> good to see you today. this survey up to multi month high necessary all four of the largest euro area countries, just in the rate of decline, easing in france, easing in spain, situation stabilizing in germany. what does that mean for investors? >> we get two flashes, we get the flash and the final. so not only are we getting an indication of the progression month to month, but we're getting this sort of update. so the market feels they have momentum. since july, really, it's the commitment from mario draghi to do whatever it takes to save the eurozone. the uncertainty
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,689 (some duplicates have been removed)